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Blaziken (バシャーモ Bursyamo) is a Fire- and Fighting-type Pokémon introduced in Generation III.

Blaziken has the ID number 286 in Pokémon Duel.

It evolves from Combusken and is the final form of Torchic. It can Mega Evolve into Mega Blaziken.

Moves Currently Known
Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Move Effect Damage
8 Miss Red
24 Cyclone Kick Purple Moves the battle opponent to the P.C. ☆☆☆
24 Jet Kick* Gold * If the battle opponent is knocked out, this Pokémon moves to a spot 2 steps away, after the battle. This Pokémon gains Wait. 20
8 Miss Red
32 Flare Blitz* White * If this Pokémon is knocked out, the battle opponent becomes burned. 130


  • While a very powerful figure in its own right, it is usually set as an evolution due to the ease of evolving Combusken.
  • It is recommended to enlarge its Cyclone Kick segment. The other two can be helpful, but Jet Kick is situational and Flare Blitz can often be overpowered, especially with power creep. The Cyclone Kick is unique and, when evolved, can trump most other purples out there.