Form Change is the process by which one figure can turn into another. To be achieved, the alternate form must be set in the deck. It is set in the same way an evolution would be, except the dot indicating its presence is red instead of white.

The exact conditions to activate the form change vary widely. Some examples include getting knocked out, using form changing Plates, and spinning certain Moves.

In most cases, any Form of the Pokémon may be set as the starting figure. Notable exceptions include Black Kyurem and White Kyurem.

List of Pokémon with Form Changes

Initial Form Resulting Form Condition to Trigger
Kyogre Primal Kyogre Use the Blue Orb Plate
Primal Kyogre Kyogre Get knocked out
Groudon Primal Groudon Use the Red Orb Plate
Primal Groudon Groudon Get knocked out
Shaymin Land Forme Shaymin Sky Forme Use the Gracidea Plate
Shaymin Sky Forme Shaymin Land Forme Get knocked out or become frozen
Kyurem Black/White Kyurem Use the DNA Splicers Plate
Black/White Kyurem Kyurem Get knocked out
Any Rotom form Heat Rotom Use Microwave Plate or spin Revert Attack
Frost Rotom Use Refrigerator Plate or spin Revert Attack
Fan Rotom Use Electric Fan Plate or spin Revert Attack
Wash Rotom Use Washing Machine Plate or spin Revert Attack
Mow Rotom Use Lawnmower Plate or spin Revert Attack
Rotom Spin Revert Attack
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