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Groudon (Japanese: グラードン Groudon) is a Ground-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation III.

Groudon has the ID number 080 in Pokémon Duel.

It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon.

Along with Kyogre and Rayquaza, Groudon is a part of the weather trio.

Current Moves Known
Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Move Effect Damage
8 Miss Red
48 Smash White 110
20 Break Energy White Your opponent's Energy Plate-based effects are lost. 70
4 Miss Red
16 Dodge Blue


Primal Rage - If the opponent has Groudon, Kyogre or Rayquaza on the field, this Pokémon gets MP +1 and does +20 damage


  • Even though Groudon has a huge 110 damage white attack and is one of the few figures with the move Break Energy, it is still rarely used. Its 1MP is a huge drawback and its also a unique reward.
  • You should focus on Smash when you level up this figure. The effect of Break Energy is very good, but its use is also very situational.
  • Be careful when you use this figure. If the opponent also has one of the three legendary weather Pokemon, they too will gain 1MP and 20 damage. This can make the battle difficult.
  • Confuse can be both a good thing and a bad thing on this figure, depending on if you need to land Break Energy or not. Burn and paralysis is survivable.
  • Long Throw or Pokémon Switch is a must-have for this figure.