Markers are unique conditions that can be applied to a figure. The are separate from Special Conditions and can coexist with them on a figure. Like Special Conditions, Markers can only be attached to a Pokémon on the field and will be removed if the Pokémon is sent to the bench or the P.C. Some Markers are helpful while others are harmful, some can be removed by tagging while others are removed by the player or when the Pokémon leaves the field, some are the result of attacks while others are the result of an ability. A Pokémon can only have one Marker at a time. If a Marker is applied while the Pokémon already has one, the new one will replace the previous.

List of Markers
Name Effect Target Removal Pokémon that can create this Marker
Branded Nullifies abilities that increase or decrease Attack damage Attached to opponents Permanent Chandelure, Lampent
Charge Can be removed to inflict status Attached to self Manual Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos
Cracked Unless it is Fire-type, Crushing Squeeze will knock out the opponent Pokémon if it has this Marker and Scizor will take no damage (Scizor); Unless it is Fire-type, Crush of Doom will exclude the opponent if it has this Marker (Mega Scizor) Attached to opponents Permanent Buzzwole, Mega Scizor, Scizor
Curse If Pokémon is knocked out while it has this marker, it is removed from the duel. Attached to opponents (Rare, self and surrounding Pokémon) Permanent Absol, Altaria, Banette, Mimikyu, Oricorio Sensu Style, Spiritomb
Disguise If the Pokémon with this marker would be knocked out, instead removes the Disguise marker and any special conditions Attached to self Permanent Mimikyu
Forest Mischief Pokémon with this marker are not subject to Energy effects Attached to opponents Permanent Phantump
Full When a Pokémon with this marker would be knocked out by a White Attack, it instead loses the Full marker and any special conditions Attached to self Permanent Shiinotic
Lock-On When the attack Multiblast is spun, all Pokémon with this marker are knocked out Attached to opponents Permanent Regirock
MP -1 Decreases a figure's MP by 1 Attached to opponents Tag Caterpie, Charjabug, Kabuto, Marshtomp, Palpitoad, Pheromosa, Quilladin, Vibrava, Yveltal
MP -2 Decreases a figure's MP by 2 Attached to opponents Tag Kakuna
Symbiont You may move opposing Pokémon with this Marker Attached to opponents Tag Nihilego
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