Phantump (Japanese: ボクレー Bokurei) is a dual-type Ghost/Grass Pokémon introduced in Generation VI.

Phantump has the ID number 323 in Pokémon Duel.

It evolves into Trevenant.

Current Moves Known
Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Move Effect Damage
4 Miss Red
24 Protect Blue This Pokémon gains Wait.
28 Confuse Ray Purple The battle opponent becomes confused. ☆☆☆
40 Feint Attack White 40

Ability description and explanation:

"Forest Mischief - On the field, this Pokémon can pass through other Pokémon. Attach a Forest Mischief marker to any Psychic-type Pokémon that battles this Pokémon. (While that marker is attached, that Pokémon is not subject to Energy effects.)"

- Psychic-type Pokémon that battles this pokemon will no longer be affected by energy plate effects. The affected Deoxys can not switch with other Deoxys' even if Cosmo plate is active. Natu, Xatu, Lugia, Exeggcute and Exeggutor will no longer be affected by the Tropical Energy plate. Future energy plates effects will also be canceled out on the affected Pokémon.


  • Phantump is an uncommon Pokémon, but still a viable figure to use. It can be very useful in matches where your opponent is playing cosmo energy, and if not, it still has a large 3 star Confuse Ray that can turn the match in your favour.
  • The only real drawback of this figure is its damage. Only high enough to challange most runners. If you want to evolve him into Trevenant, you should aim for the Confuse Ray first and then knock them out when the opponent spins a miss.
  • Focus on Confuse Ray or Protect if you want to use it in matches where your opponent is using energy plates. If you aim to evolve it, then level up its Feint Attack. This is not really recommended.
  • It is ill-advised to use materials to buy this figure unless you already have Trevenant and you aim to evolve him.
  • Watch out for Burn and Paralyze. A level 5 Phantump can do fairly well even when Confused.
  • Double Chance or Bright Powder are both good plates to use with this figure. It will also benefit from both Tropical and Phantom Energy.
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