Piplup (Japanese: ポッチャマ Pochama) is a Water-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV.

Piplup has the ID number 95 in Pokémon Duel.

It evolves into Prinplup, which evolves into Empoleon.

Along with Turtwig and Chimchar, Piplup is one of three starter Pokémon of Sinnoh available at the beginning of generation 4.

Current Moves Known
Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Move Effect Damage
12 Miss Red
12 Bubble Beam White 60
8 Miss Red
64 Peck White 30

Ability description and explanation: 

Piplup does not have an ability.


  • Piplup is rarely used, and for good reason. Its biggest sized attack is weaker than most other runners, and its highest damage dealing attack is so tiny that there is no reason to expect it to hit. It is not recommended to use this Pokémon.
  • It is ill-advised to use materials to buy this figure.
  • Watch out for status conditions as these will render Piplup useless.
  • X Attack is highly recommended. Bring 6 of them.
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