Terrakion (Japanese: テラキオン Terrakion) is a dual-type Rock/Fighting Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation V.

Terrakion has the ID number 317 in Pokémon Duel.

It is not known to evolve into or from any Pokémon.

Along with Cobalion, Virizion, and Keldeo, Terrakion is a member of the Swords of Justice.

Current Moves Known
Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Move Effect Damage
8 Miss Red
12 Protect Blue This Pokémon gains Wait
40 Sword of Justice White 101
12 Protect Blue This Pokémon gains Wait
8 Miss Red
20 Stone Edge White 120

Ability description and explanation:

"Beat Down - All the Blue Attacks of the battle opponents of this Pokémon become Misses"


  • Terrakion is a very attractive figure. It is the best counter to any Pokémon that rely heavily on blue moves. This includes Mew, Sceptile, Squirtle, Cobalion, Rhyperior, The legendary birds and even other Terrakion's! With its high damage and no purple moves, it is also a fairly good counter to any gold attackers. There's not much more to say about Terrakion. Its very powerful and great at what it does.
  • Try purple moves when battling Terrakion.
  • You can safely buy this figure with materials.
  • You should focus on Stone Edge when you level up this figure. However, if you expect to become confused a lot, you should probably invest in Sword of Justice instead.
  • Watch out for status conditions. It can withstand confusion to some degree.
  • X Attack can become useful.
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