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Vibrava (Japanese: ビブラーバ Vibrava) is a dual-type Ground/Dragon Pokémon introduced in Generation III.

Vibrava has the ID number 212 in Pokémon Duel.

It evolves from Trapinch and evolves into Flygon.

Current Moves Known
Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Move Effect Damage
4 Miss Red
24 Supersonic Purple The battle opponent becomes confused. ☆☆
16 Dragon Breath White 70
24 Screech Purple All neighbor Pokémon now have Wait.
28 Mud Shot White Attach MP-1 marker to the battle opponent. 40


Vibrating Sound - Your opponent's Pokémon cannot pass next to this Pokémon using an MP move. If the Pokémon your opponent moved last turn is next to this Pokémon, it cannot attack.

- The opponent can't pass this figure in one turn. They have to stop next to it and move away next turn. If the figure has an ability like Soar or Infiltrator and want to pass over Vibrava, it has to stop in front of it and stop behind it next turn. Essentially taking three turns to jump over and advance away from it.


  • Vibrava is a very good figure. It can halt the advance of any Pokémon that can pass over or through it like the legendary birds, Virizion and Shuppet. It is also hard to knock out due to it having two excellent purple moves, Supersonic and Screech. Even its weakest attack has a very useful effect attached to it. Vibrava is maybe the best board control Pokémon. It can easily create surround kills and can challange even the strongest because of its Supersonic.
  • Vibrava is an excellent Pokémon to combine with other figures like Shuppet. A well used strategy is to use 2-3 Vibrava's and one Shuppet. Put the Vibrava's in the two first crossroads or next to your entry points, towards your own goal, and the shuppet in the middle of the crossroads. This will allow you to at least surround kill one of the opponents figures when the opponent advances on a Vibrava and Shuppet runs through them to get the surround on him. This can be repeated if Shuppet survives. There might be better suited Pokémon in some gym cups. Flying Gym cup and the legendary birds or the Grass Gym cup and Virizion.
  • Vibrava can be difficult to evolve, but mostly because of its large purple moves.
  • It is ill-advised to use materials to buy this figure unless it fits your strategy.
  • You should focus on Supersonic when you level up this figure. Dragon Breath might be a good choice if your only aim is to evolve it.
  • Vibrava is a little bit resilient to burn and paralyze, but a level 5 can easily withstand confusion.
  • X Attack can be useful, but chances are it will be wasted. Double Chance is a good plate to use on this figure.