Zweilous (Japanese: ジヘッド Dihead) is a dual-type Dark/Dragon Pokémon introduced in Generation V.

Zweilous has the ID number 266 in Pokémon Duel.

It evolves from Deino and evolves into Hydreigon.

Current Moves Known
Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Move Effect Damage
36 Roar Purple The battle opponent is knocked 1 step back (the opponent chooses the point) and gains Wait. ☆☆
12 Dodge Blue
36 Bite White 40
12 Miss Red

Ability description and explanation: 

"Band Attack - This Pokémon deals +10 damage for each Hydreigon, Zweilous or Deino on the field. If this Pokémon has evolved, it gains +1 MP."


  • Zweilous is a Pokémon you unfortunately do not play by itself. This will limit its use. Its damage isn't very high either, which only makes this figure less attractive than it could have been. In a deck with 3 Zweilous' and 3 Deino or Hydreigon's, its max damage will only be 90, and that is only the case if all of your figures are on the field. If you plan to run a dark deck with Zweilous in it, it is recommended that you at least bring along one or two Yveltal's. These might help raise its damage over time. Zweilous is a figure you probably want to evolve more than anything else.
  • It is ill-advised to use materials to buy this figure.
  • Focus on Roar if you want board control, but Bite if you aim to evolve it.
  • It can withstand burn and paralysis to some degree, but can easily become useless when confused.
  • X Attack is a good plate to use on this figure. It will also benefit from Dark Energy.
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